Where is my life at right now?


I’m continuing to muck about with game dev. I’ve been working out how to best do some kind of FMV project, which might be more of an interactive experience than an actual game. So far GDevelop seems the best choice, even if a lot of work has to be done manually… Adventure Game Studio is a little easier in a way, even though it’s more tuned for point-and-click stuff, but it has a severe problem in that I can’t get sound to play automatically. Also, the visual novel engine RenPy (which I’ve used for game video before) seems to be partially broken in video support at the moment.

I’m still on Youtube, after all these years. I’m very pleased with this recent video I uploaded. It’s a complete departure from everything I’m known for – more akin to a home movie than a Youtube video, perhaps, but it works really well. It just came together on a visit to the Isabella Plantation – I just shot some pools and trees and things on my phone, without any initial intention to do anything with it.

I have some vague ideas for a “studio” of some kind to gather my projects under. Partially for branding reasons, partially for actually turning into a business one day…? It’s called Pamtechnicon. I’ve been mucking about a bit with the front page – at the moment it’s a single page site. I’ve also branded my itch.io profile with it as it seems to fit best there at the moment.

And I currently have a part-time job, being the adminstrator of an employment-related organisation’s website.