Major Gnome was a short-lived webcomic which ran from 2006 - 2007 by Gerald Theodore Epstein. It was about a gnome that vomited blood.

It was one of those really ridiculous absurdist webcomics you got back then, which all seem to have died out in the decades since (or at least, been forgotten about in favour of deranged social media bullshit). I liked it a lot but it's basically vanished from the internet. So I decided to attempt to recover as much of it as I could from the Internet Archive.

To get these I looked at both the "" website (which only appears to have been up about a year or so) and the even briefer-lived "". There seem to be some discrepancies with the dates for the earliest strips - I took the ones used here from See the filenames for what I'm guessing are the proper publishing dates. Click on a link below to see the strip.

Recovered strips:

The comics listed below appear not to have survived anywhere. In case any of them get found I'll add them above.

Currently missing:

Additional material

All these comics are copyrighted to Gerald Theodore Epstein. Hopefully he's okay with all this being preserved...